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Not really…but insurance can be pretty scary.  You have to sit and imagine all the things that can go wrong and then fill out forms and give a corporation money every month.  Yikes!  But here’s something you can’t plan for – the gibbering madness that awaits on the edge of reality.  The third in our HPL comedy trilogy.  Prepare to laugh WITH TERROR!



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Time to bear witness, believers. You have not watched enough documentaries and that, my friends, is a sin. But we have good news for you, the good news of Price, Doctor Robert M Price. The good Doctor has had many lives but as of today he stands with two PHDs, a love of HP Lovecraft, an advocate of the modern myths of Marvel and DC, a avid reader of the bible, but, curiously, not a believer. What? How’s this? All shall be revealed in the new documentary from the folks who brought you Elder Sign and The Necronomicon. Coming next year, this doc on the doc will delight atheists and agnostics and terrify the holy at heart. So step forward… and justify!

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What are you doing July 21?

How’s about going to see the Necronomicon at Fantasia, arguably the best genre festival in North American.  Fantasia is a whopping 21 days featuring the best, and I mean the best, features and shorts from Quebec and across the globe, not to mention a diverse, world-class, jury.  There’s even a panel dedicated to adapting H.P. Lovecraft to screen with none other than Stuart Gordon and Dennis Paoli.  Check it out HERE.  And free T-shirts for everyone that stands and cheers for my short.*†

*Must be standing AND cheering to qualify.

†Offer not valid if I don’t see you do it.

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