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The Cats of Ulthar Dance Dance

We’ve been in cave-like seclusion scheming and meme-ing for sometime now. In the past year we had our first feature length documentary about the real-life horror of Cancer air on the CBC, we finished principal photography on our web series Fanboy to Farmer, we shot some promos for good old broadcast television, and we’re putting some finishing touches on our next doc about Doctor Robert M Price called the Gospel According to Price. So we thought we’d close out the year with a bit of fun, a little cat video, Bad Advice for Good Times style, with some fun and a bit of WTF. Enjoy:

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Life’s not all tentacles and Tsathoggua.  Sometimes you stare into the void and sometimes you give back.  Here’s us using our powers for good in a new PSA for Champions Against Bullying directed by Joseph Nanni.

Stand up.

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We are pleased to announce that Lovecraft luminary Dave Carson will be helping us realize  some Elder God nastiness for the upcoming feature Black Goat.  If you are not familiar with Dave’s work, shame on you, then go check it out HERE!

Dave seems excited, we say, “Be careful what you ask for.”

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See Black Goat Before The Herd

Subscribers to Joseph Nanni’s Youtube channel Bad Advice For Good Times will see the new short film Black Goat weeks before it is released to the public.  The film is currently in the final stages of post production and will be screened at a handful of festivals this fall.  But anyone who hits “subscribe” between now and June 30 will not only be among the first to see the short but will also have access to exclusive character designs and a limited edition comic based the expanded story.  Good times.

Click here for the channel!

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Hey Y’all, I done got interviewed this time for the Innsmouth Free Press.  Check it out HERE!

I make jokes and such.  And while you are there make sure to do some browsing as they have some very thorough reviews of spec fiction and film plus a bunch of random articles about stuff they just made up.

Good times.

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Follow Drawing Baphomet’s Progress on Twitter

Want an up-to-the-minute account of what is going on in my world?  I would.  But that’s not going to happen.  Alternatively, I will be droppin’ nuggets and updates on the feature Drawing Baphomet.  Brace yourself to teeter on the edge of mundanity.

Here is a link:

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Some Things Man Was Meant to Know!

And now a word for our sponsors . . . Casting Call of Cthulhu would like to thank a long list of people who have, against their better judgement, made our little blemish on film so big in such a short time. The film premiered at the Riofan Film Festival on May 11 and managed to snag a key screening slot before the ever-popular The Call of Cthulhu. At the same time the film had its web premiere on Yog Radio , who have been fulfilling our Lovecraft fix for the last ten years, and within weeks the film saw 6000 downloads and hundreds of hits trafficked to this location. Now the film is infecting the inter-web as bloggers and news-feeds pimp our content to the world. One good click deserves another so what lies below are links to the various sites that have sited us:

We’ve also been unlucky enough to have some Lovecraft luminaries curse our offering with quotes and incantations. Here’s a distaste of what they have said:

“Most amusing! That cone-shape creature was quite a triumph of special effects.”
S.T. Joshi, Leading Authority on Lovecraft

“A great piece of work, witty and inventive, very impressive animation too.”
John Coulthart, Illustrator, Designer, and Author of “THE HAUNTER OF THE DARK

” A great little Lovecraftian short that is sure to be playing at the HPL Film Fest this year.”
Toren Atkinson, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

Paul Carrick, Illustrator

“An Amazing Tale, I’m sure old HPL would approve!”
Paul of Cthulhu, Yog Radio

“Brilliant…has Lovecraft rolling in his grave, from laughter!”
Craig Mullins,

Thanks again to everyone. We’ll keep making them as long as you give us your eyes . . . and keep watching.

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From R’leyh to Beyoncé

Contrary to popular myth the Old Ones cannot be summoned by a solitary soul or by simply reciting a passage from a damned tome written in a dead language.  It takes a generous contribution of time and talent on the part of many industry professionals to really bring the eons-old badasses to life.  So, as word gets around about Casting Call of Cthulhu, in the coming weeks we will be profiling the people who helped make the nightmare a reality starting with our editor Geoff Ashenhurst.  We urge you to follow the link and check out Geoff’s reel.  You are probably more familiar with his work than you know.  Ashenhurst has edited a slew of commercial spots and several long form pieces.  He is currently cutting the Beyoncé documentary – Necronomicon Got Me Goin’ So Crazy Right Now!  But seriously, he really is working on the Beyoncé doc.

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What the Moon Brings

The fields around Winnipeg are a geographically basic canvas where nature paints a repetitious pattern from a yellow and green palette.  This unforgiving flat land serves as the perfect launch pad for Spacecadet Design.  This ultra-skilled design company has metaphorically lifted-off the face of mono-topographical Manitoba to take creativity to a higher level.  Spacecadet has designed for everything from tote bags to toys to posters for the opera and postcards for rap battles.  And now they have descended from the stars to lend their heavenly hands to our submerged short.   Are we lucky or are they cursed?Casting Call of Cthulhu Movie Poster

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The Shadow Out of Stealing Time

Many are the secrets the darkness conceals and in darkness dwells the editor; lurking in shadow, behind the scenes, out of the audience’s sightline.  The supreme irony being that editing is often the most important part of the process.  The editor has ultimate control over how we see a scene and can often alter the fate of a film entirely.  We have placed this ultimate power in the hands of Geoff Ashenhurst and the fine folks at Stealing Time.  Geoff is a consummate professional with idealistic values and unreasonable goals making him a perfect fit for the project.  Coincidently he is also the leader of his local Cult of Cthulhu, so he’s got that going for him. 

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