Nanni Announces Three New Lovecraftian Films

Bad Advice for Good Times, the most untrusted name in filmmaking, announced today that it will begin preproduction on two features and a short inspired by, expanding on, and celebrating the work of the most influential horror writer of the 20th century, H.P. Lovecraft.  The films will be co-written and directed by Joseph Nanni (Casting Call of Cthulhu) and produced by BAGT.  “CCoC was like a dry run for us, so we were pleasantly surprised by its success,” says Nanni.  The short film was selected by 12 festivals across the globe and was downloaded over 20,000 times from Yog Radio.  While Casting Call of Cthulhu is a comedy Joseph assured us that the lines will be blurred in the upcoming productions, “The next three films won’t be comedy but funny things will happen.”  None of the films are adapts of Lovecraft’s work but will incorporate characters and themes he dealt with.  “I think adapting Lovecraft is a great pitfall of the genre.  Fans inevitably compare the film to the text, which is unfair.  Lovecraft’s ideas and storytelling are a completely unique experience for readers.”  Nanni says his approach to Lovecraft will be similar to Lumely and others who have added to the mythos, “Lovecraft’s work was an open system, he encouraged other writers to take the ideas and expand on them.”  The team behind CCoC will once again focus on a minor Lovecraft minion, “The three films will feature Shub-Nigguarth and introduce a secret society dedicated to suppressing evidence of the Old Ones.”  The short, entitled Drawing Baphomet, will be released in early 2009 and the films begin shooting next spring.    


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