Fill Up on Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Casting Call of Cthulhu has been surfacing in all sorts of places and for this we thank our unlucky stars.  But there is one event that takes particular importance in the pantheon of clicks, hits, downloads, and screenings.  This be the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and Cthulhucon.  It’s the festival CCoC was made for – literally.  When we began production in 2007 it was with the intention of completing the film for the October festival and having a damn fine excuse to travel to Portland.  Well the festival is here and we will be there.  HPLFF&C begins Friday, October 3, at 6 PM and goes until Sunday, October 6, at midnight.  Guests include Lovecraft luminaries like S. T. JoshiBrian Lumley,  and Mike Mignola.  This truely is the one and only festival for die-hard fans of the Bard from Beyond and we are over what the moon brings to be part of it.  CCoC screens Friday, October 3, 10 PM in the Main Theater.


Shockerfest Plays Host to Cthulhu

The Shockerfest International Film Festival, not to be confused with the Shockerfest International Flower Festival, will be held on October 3 to 5 in Riverbank, California.  Our favourite film, and yours, will play Saturday, October 4, at 6:30 pm.  Now, I understand there is some hesitation around going out to the shows because many of you claim you have already seen the short.  Some of you have gone as far as saying, “I made it,” or, even lamer, “I was in it.”  That’s no excuse people.  If we don’t support horror then there will be no horror in the world and what kind of world would that be?  Ask yourself.

Coincidentally Named Film Fest Features CCoC

The Eerie Horror Fest in, wait for it, Erie Pennsylvania will be showing Casting Call of Cthulhu on October 11 at 10:20 AM.  Is there a better time to watch a horror film?  The answer is “no” because we’re in pole position just before Lovecraft:  Fear of the Unknown.  The festival will feature appearances by Sid Haig,  a reunion of the cast from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and many other uplifting experiences.  If you love horror and live in Erie then there is good reason for you to attend.  The fest starts Thursday and runs until Sunday.

Cthulhu Gets Gangrene

Submitting to film festivals is often like asking for abuse and we’ve seen more self-inflicted punishment than a cenobite.  So it is nice when a show comes around that doesn’t take itself too seriously and selects our film, of course.  The Gangrene film festival is an outdoor, greek amphitheater type-thingy, with live skits, interviews, and, of course, short films.  So if you are in Layton, Utah on Friday and you want laugh with terror the Ed Kenley Amphitheater is the place to be.  Tell them Cthulhu commanded you to attend.

P.S. The musical hand-fart guy will be opening for us.