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News and fodder behind the films of Joseph Nanni.

Support Unspeakable Evil in Style

Casting Call of Cthulhu needs your support.  Contrary to popular belief, one cannot produce a short film on evil thoughts and unwell wishes alone.  It takes a camera, some actors (who demand food for sustainance), and monsters, which we chose to create rather than summon, using make-up and CGI.  And now the price must be paid.  For as little as $19.00 you can support the production of CCOC and have a killer T-shirt (note:  the shirt will not actual harm you or anyone else nor will it transform the wearer into a killer when adorned).  Visit UptownHustle and choose from a wide variety of styles for men and women.  Buy now and we will include your name in our weekly arcane incantations.




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