Iä Tunes!

If you are looking for the highest quality version of Casting Call of Cthulhu on the world wide internet then Yog Radio is the key and the gate.  Yog was kind enough to distribute our film through their website and iTunes to its base of loyal Lovecraft fans and Call of Cthulhu gamers.  As this entry is written the film has already been downloaded 6000 times – that’s some serious bit-rate build-up as the short comes in around 114 megs.  To share the band-with burden and show our support Bad Advice for Good Times has made a donation to Yog and paid their service cost for the last month.  If you’ve got a virtual fiver burning a hole in you pocket support the unspeakable and make a donation yourself.  And while you’re at it why not help out your favourite short by buying a shirt and helping us pay the production cost for our film.  Laughter isn’t free, people. 







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