From R’leyh to Beyoncé

Contrary to popular myth the Old Ones cannot be summoned by a solitary soul or by simply reciting a passage from a damned tome written in a dead language.  It takes a generous contribution of time and talent on the part of many industry professionals to really bring the eons-old badasses to life.  So, as word gets around about Casting Call of Cthulhu, in the coming weeks we will be profiling the people who helped make the nightmare a reality starting with our editor Geoff Ashenhurst.  We urge you to follow the link and check out Geoff’s reel.  You are probably more familiar with his work than you know.  Ashenhurst has edited a slew of commercial spots and several long form pieces.  He is currently cutting the Beyoncé documentary – Necronomicon Got Me Goin’ So Crazy Right Now!  But seriously, he really is working on the Beyoncé doc.


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