No Filth, Some Thickets, and the Apollo Mission

Those who have danced to a dirge will be well acquainted with the musical styling of Daniel Davey and company, also known as Cradle of Filth.  In their 2004/2005 release “Nymphetamine” the boys in black recorded an orchestral ode to the Bard From Beyond entitled “Mother of Abominations.”  The track’s intro features a chant familiar to those that know what lies below.  “Iä, Iä, Cthulhu ftaghn” seeps from silence, whispered at first then rising to a cacophonous chorus belted out by a choir of well trained diaphragms.  It sounds more like something you might hear on Classical 96 as opposed to Q-107.  Clearly, behind the corpse paint Dani is well read and an extremely talented writer who treats his source material with great respect but sings with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek.  We love that.  It’s that same talent and enthusiasm for the source that attracts us to Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.  But unlike the Thickets, who generously provided the music for our finale, a wall of lawyers, publishers, and record companies surrounds COF.  We intended to use the Cthulhu section of “Mother of Abominations” over our opening credits and Roadrunner Records was more than eager to help, but at the end of the day, we don’t have the money to buy the rights or time to wait for them to be approved.  We thank Roadrunner entertaining us but the show must go on.  In the meantime, Art Director Alan Lukatela and Editor Mike Tung are putting together a sweet end title sequence to the tune of Some Things Man Was Not Meant to Know and Apollo Studios will be writing a completely original piece for the opening sequence which will A, invoke a cosmic horror and B, evoke indescribable terror.  We look forward to hearing it.


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