Lovecraft Film Mired in Scandal / Evil

Last week some sinister specter from inside our crew leaked a secret still frame from within the walls of the editing room. The clip in question features the character Frank Clawstrum in what appears to be an advertisement for a product. Word of product placement in CCOC spread across the web like Nutella on toast and soon our primeval production was awash in rich, creamy controversy. What in the name of Colonel Sander’s are people thinking? What marketer of sound mind would dare associate themselves with the madness we intend to unleash? We here at Casting Call of Cthulhu wish to make it Crystal Light clear that we would never defame the name of HPL or dilute our message by allowing an advertiser to influence our artistry in any way, shape, or misshapen form. We are as authentic and true to our roots as Levi’s Original 501 Jeans.

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