In The Flesh

With a rough edit complete and a scant-few pick-ups remaining we inch closer and closer to finishing our monsterpiece. But as we move forward I fear something will be left behind. The shoot day played host to many uncredible occurrences but of all the apparitions we captured on film none were so spellbinding as the phenomena know only as ‘Lazarus.’ The artist from up North, Oliphant, took time out from his busy schedule of painting and starring into the woods to visit the big smoke and play his part in our film. Laz had laid his artistic hand to two of our prosthetics and during the process he studied the script. Eager to exorcise his acting demons Laz offered himself up as the human sacrifice to CGI. The cast and crew were charmed by the mysterious Mr. Ioannou so we thought it only appropriate that we share the scene with everyone before his cues and quirks were tracked and transformed into something otherworldly. So here for the first and last time is the scene once spoken only of in secret.

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