The Colourist Out of Space

The Casting Call of Cthulhu is cursed to have so many talented and evil individuals disassociated with our doomed offering.  And it is time again to scrawl yet another name in the Productionomicon.  It is our great displeasure to welcome Alter Ego.  This Toronto-based post-production facility have already coloured and transferred our tainted stock and added a level of artistry our inbred-minds could have never anticipated.  The film look is professional – if only we had a script to match.  Alter Ego will continue their contribution with their Flame Artists removing the unsightly seams, strings, and foul-ups, basically the bits that bind us to reality, and adding our titles, glows, shapes in shadows, and another head to an actor’s body.  This is no line of work for any God-fearing soul – brace yourselves.

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