CCOC Team Elated: Prosthetics No Longer Belated!

We contacted all our contacts, friends called friends who called acquaintances, we made offerings of desecrated flesh to those that dwell beyond the stars, yet our cries went unanswered. Oh well, you know what they say, “stare into the void and the void stares back.” Desperate to film, we scoured the internet looking for a small, vulnerable, company to impose upon. This also proved fruitless, but in the process we came across the uncommonly kind people at North Fur FX & Mascots. They suggested that with some upholstery foam and latex we could fashion our own crude creations which would be as equally effective at invoking both fear and laughter as an effort on the part of a professional practicing on the plane of prostheitics. Jason from the company made it sound ridiculously simple like any blabbering idiot could do it. So we figured heck, we’re blabbering idiots, let’s give it a shot. Thanks Jason.

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