Latent Latex Belates Lovecraft Project

Throughout preproduction we have encountered countless curious souls who are prepared to dash their reputations against the rocks of risen R’lyeh in a futile attempt to break through the calm waters of sanity and embrace the madness of what lies below the surface, to catch even a momentary glimpse of what may be impossible. Yet, for all the eager followers who join our cult of the creative endeavor we still can’t find someone to help us make prosthetics. Surely such subject matter should attract an endless amount of artists engaged in the transformation of the flesh. After all, thanks to 4 Stroke, the creature now exists as a 3D model – for I have seen it with my own eyes! But props, something seemingly simple, has the entire production trapped in nether world. Perhaps the following illustrations, traced directly from Webster’s Necronomicon, were too confounding for puny prop-building minds to comprehend.

Or maybe they’re all just really busy and don’t want to work for free.

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